Flat Stone Chakra Set

Perfect to get started with crystal healing. Each highly polished stone chakra set will come with a pouch to keep your stones in.

Save over 25% from purchasing the stones separately.

The flat stones in this set will include one each of:

  • Seventh Chakra - Clear Quartz

  • Sixth Chakra - Lapis

  • Fifth Chakra - Aquamarine

  • Fourth Chakra - Rose Quartz

  • Third Chakra - Orange Calcite

  • Second Chakra - Carnelian

  • First Chakra - Tiger Eye

This set uses flat stones, ranging in size from 1" - 1.3". Stones are a natural product and each set will vary from the stones pictured. We will choose the stones for you.

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Additional Information

Chakra Base, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye, Crown
Weight 62 grams

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