Nepal Quartz DT Point

Large natural clear quartz double terminated quartz point from Nepal. Coated in iron with a few clear spots to see the internal clarity of the crystal. This large piece measures 13.49" X 4.08" X 2.95".

While visually interesting, this piece is energetically strong! Most quartz is cleaned with various acid treatments in order to remove the iron stains that they are covered with when mined. This is one that was saved by us from the acid treatments. This gives the crystal a earthy energy and a little more pack to the punch.

Note that this "beauty" is a double terminated laser with a crossing crystal that is also fully double terminated. The termination is perfect!

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SKU 333-EQ-01
Dimension 13.49" X 4.08" X 2.95"
Country of Origin Nepal
Natural Formation Double Terminated, Pentrator
Weight 1,928 grams

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