Crystals for Sale - Now What?

You have found pages and pages on line for Crystals. You may have searched for Crystals For Sale, Quartz Crystals, Crystals and Minerals or some other thing such as Metaphysical Crystals. Perhaps you got really creative and searched for just the term crystals. And here you are.


Now that you have found the best selection and prices for crystals on the net, what are you going to do? It is overwhelming to someone looking for the right crystal for the right purpose. At least once a week I get either an email or phone call from someone desperately wanting to know what crystal Aunt Jane needs to help her gout and to help her find a new boyfriend at age 88. There are actually several ways to find the best crystal for Aunt Jane.


1. Let the crystal call to you. Grab a cup of coffee or tea, and start browsing. When people would come into our retail gallery and had that question, we would have the customer look around at all of the crystals and minerals for sale. Then, we would wait until one "spoke up". They may fall off of th shelf at you, they may start to sparkle and just pop out at you. The same thing holds true for the website. Just go through the pages and wait for one to call out to you. It is an especially strong indication that you need to buy the crystal if it comes to you in your sleep!


2. Use a great reference tool. We sell many great books on I really like two authors, Melody of the Love Is In The Earth Series and our good friend Judy Hall. Both of these talented ladies are good friends of and they both bring years of study and love of the mineral kingdom to their work. Judy has one book that called Crystal Prescriptions which lists the ailments and then the stones that can be used for that ailment. This is very quick and easy way to find the stone you need. Melodies work is more exhaustive and makes for great reading if you want a LOT of information. Her latest book is 10 pounds!


3. Join a list serve group. There are many crystal groups on google, yahoo, etc. I have found the people on these lists are very helpful and caring. As long as you show respect and honest inquiry, you will be flooded with suggestions from some of the most loving people you want to know.