Laser Quartz Healing Cluster

Amazing Self Healed Twin Curved Laser Quartz Cluster!

This is without a doubt the coolest healing crystal we have ever had. One of our special dealers that has some of the most unusual and rare quartz from Brazil brought this one just for us!

This TWIN crystal was broken and self healed in more spots that I can count, forming it into a full 180 degree formation with additional clusters and double terminated points all over it!

When I saw this piece, it took me all of a split second to buy it! I have never seen another piece even close to this and really believe and it may be the strongest healing crystal that has passed through my hands.

There were collectors waiting to buy this if we didn't want it. We saved it from from becoming "just" a collectors piece. It belongs in a crystal healers room for some serious work.

Please look at all of the pictures before deciding to buy it. I wanted to keep it for myself, but feel it must go to someone to else who will work with it daily.

You will be truly fortunate if you are the one lucky enough to get this marvelous piece.

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Additional Information

SKU 142-CHRIS-01
Dimension 5.5" X 15" X 6"
Country of Origin Brazil
Natural Formation Cluster, Curved, Laser
Weight 2,080 grams

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