Art Crystal Oriented Art Art from the heart.  A personal Friend whose art hangs in my home.  A cosmic jewel made in co-operation with the Divine Lightworld.  John is a fantastic gem cutter. We can offer you any of his stones. Just let us know.

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Channelings  Archangel Michael through Ronna Herman Channelings

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Holistic Healing  Energy Healing Energy Healing Harp Music Therapy Reiki Soul Retrieval, Journeys and Transitions  Reiki Healing in Arizona  My Great local Chiropractor  My local Physician and Massage Therapist  Kofutu Personal Growth, Meditation and Spiritual Healing

Internet Radio .. the fun stuff to listen to ( I do! )  Hay House Authors  and readers! Beatles Radio.. it never gets old!

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Mineral Museums (In my own backyard!) (List of links)  Smithsonian  Carnegie Museum  Seaman Museum

Psychic Readers

All of the listed readers are personal friends that I consult and can highly recommend. Many of them work by phone. Feel free to contact them and drop my name. It probably won't help you get an appointment quicker.. but who knows?  Astrologer ( My Favorite Medium!.. she was  also my  excellent mortgage broker!)  Tarot Reader Geomancy and Medical Intuitive

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