Magician Stone Mini Siberian Gold Quartz w/ 6mm John of God

The Magician Stone is  both beautiful and enchanting! The energy produces a feeling of being centered in the Universal Flow, connecting to Source and the Earth in a powerful way. In addition, the nourishing flow of the four directions supports the wearer in manifesting extraordinary luck and abundance.

Siberian Gold Quartz, grown in Russia, brings balance and enhances connection with the higher self. It also improves insight.

The John of God Accent stone is imbued with the healing energies of the entities that work through John of God in Brazil.

Includes 16 " Chain, gift box and description card.

.95" X .5" Overall Size

Magician Stone is 10 MM Diameter
John of God Stone is 6 MM diameter


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SKU 103-EQ
Chakra Solar Plexus, Crown
Country of Origin United States
Weight 91 grams