Judy's Jasper

Judy's Jasper - The Eye Of The Storm is a new find of both Jasper and Agate conglomerate that was given to us by a friend in Brazil. We sent the sample to Judy Hall to test for metaphysical properties. To our happy surprise, Judy and her associates fell in love with this stone! This new material is named after author Judy Hall who give us this information about this stone:>

  • The Eye of the Storm: creates a calm, strong central core nothing can shake.
  • Facilitates seeing the bigger picture. Enables fully informed decisions and recognition of potential opening up.
  • Contains dynamic raw energy on which to draw.
  • Acts as a life support system for oneself or the planet. The world becomes lighter, brighter, more balanced.
  • Reprograms any sense of loss or lack into positive abundance.
  • Sustains during serious illness. Encourages growth of healthy cells via etheric DNA.
  • Stress reliever, switches off ‘fight or flight’ response. Promotes natural detox on all levels.

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