Aurora Quartz

Also being called Anandalite

Metaphysical uses for Aurora Quartz include:

  • Easily opening and aligning all chakras.
  • Bringing a sense of wonder and joy
  • Opening the crown chakra.
  • Activating the kundalini.
  • Filling the entire body with light.

Other names: Anandalite™, 7 Color Quartz, Rainbow Quartz.

Aurora Quartz comes from only India.

We have had great feedback on using this quartz for a "chakra sweep". Use two crystals and:
1. Have client stand sideways in front of you.
2. Hold one crystal in each hand with points of crystal facing the client.
3. Start at the crown and slowly move down the body of the client about 1 foot out from the body.
4. Sweep from the crown down to the feet and then have the client turn around and sweep up the body in the same manner.
5. Sense as you sweep if there are any "sticky areas" that may need a bit more attention.
6. Give thanks to your self, the client and the crystals. Finish.

The clients reaction could vary from  a sense of well being to having a full emotional release. This is a great stone to just get out of the way with. The stones seem to know exactly how to work with the client and what to do.

Please note that the pictures do not pick up the nuances of the color flashes. This is best seen in the hand where you can turn it around and get the color play off of the light source.

We are having a clearance of our Aurora Quartz. Why? John SR bought way too much a couple years ago and we need the storage room! We will continue posting new specimens and groups of smaller specimens, so if you don't see any today, come back tomorrow!  Note: This does NOT apply to Aura Treated Aurora Quartz.

Note: The oringal pricing is what these pieces  would have been at originally according to grade and weight at $1 per gram for the better quality and 50 cents a gram for the lower grade. These pieces have not been previously for sale as they are out of our storage. 

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