Manifestation Quartz

Metaphysical uses for Manifestation Quartz include:

  • Facilitating artistic and creative endeavors.
  • Assisting one to bring into their lives that which is desired.
  • Helping in agricultural and gardening efforts.
  • Removing what is not wanted nor needed.
  • Creating whatever the heart desires.

Other names: Baby in Mother Quartz

Manifestation quartz is quite rare and becoming more so. As the miners have been made aware of the high demand for these rare crystals, the pricing has increased significantly in the past few years. This has created the unfortunate situation of many miners and dealers selling penetrater quartz and emerging quartz as manifestation quartz. A manifestation quartz MUST have the entire inner crystal within the mother crystal. The inner crystal can not be touching the outer edges of the mother crystal is any form. It is possible for the manifestation crystal to be growing on a matrix within the mother crystal as well.

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