Russian Lemurian Quartz

Metaphysical uses for Russian Lemurian Quartz include:

  • Assisting in balance of emotional and mental pursuits.
  • Enabling one to enter into complete silence of the mind.
  • Reseeding ancient knowledge.
  • Releasing stuck energy by laying on of stones.
  • Controlling out of control emotions.

Other names: None.

Location for the Russian Lemurian Ice Quartz crystals is from ZHELANNOYE, located on the western slopes of Subpolar Ural Mountains. This quartz from this location has been used by the Russians for military applications as well as high tech. It is a very high vibration quartz with a high degree of piezoelectric traits.

Location for the Russian Lemurian Sacred Scribe Quartz crystals is Ushney Mine, Ural Polar Mountains, Russia. These are the infamous Russian Lemurian Sacred Scribes that have been impossible to find the last 10 years!

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