Starbrary Quartz

I have been seeing these Crystals called Starbrary Crystals. When I saw these I knew deep within that there is something exciting about these healing crystals that we are to know and to work with. One of our dear friends, Joanie Jiannie of Arkansas first directed me to them through mentioning of them in her emails to me. I am posting below the information I have received from her and her friend Jan Haerer of Topaz Consulting. The information intuitively feels "clean" to me so I am happy to post it here for your understanding of these wonderful and powerful crystals. I won't even pretend to know which crystals are which... I hope I get to know them... but for now I am simply going to label them Starbrary. What part of the Star system they come from or represent you will have to figure out on your own. Though I have marked some healing crystals on the website as Pleiadian, they could be other forms of Starbrary.

Some crystals have been encoded by various star systems. Some of us call them starbraries. They are recognized by the presence of glyph like markings, symbols and geometric patterns plus usually a doorway or key. There are at least 6 different peoples who left crystal records. The most sought after are the maps, histories and legends of the people of the Cassiopeia star system. They are recognized by more flowing lines and symbols along the sides of the crystal. While they often manifest (exhibit) key markings, they don't always, but there will always be different and comfortable ways to hold the crystal, facilitating the opening of the many layers. (information).

Another type of starbrary features geometric symbols (triangles, squares, circles, etc.) along the sides, often with profound keys. These contain information from the Pleiades. These first two types are the most important and are the basis for most of the Lemurian and Atlantean recollections.

Another type shows more linear patterns, rather like a combination of the first two. The people leaving these records came from the Leo star system. All the information contained within these crystals is more historical information: names, dates, weather and so on, They contain much factual information and are not as philosophical as the first two.

The next type is a series of indented triangles and dashes- a kind of Morse Code. These are often called cosmic crystals and they resemble a meteor shower. They are read by the dots and dashes and arise from a system in Ursa Minor. (the Little Dipper) These codes were generally used throughout Atlantis during their Civilization.

Then there is the Titanium included quartz with the deep ridges and furrows that create definite glyphs in the FACES of the crystal rather than the sides. It is the only starbrary that is marked on the faces rather than the sides. These arose from the Orion system, and of all, these need companion crystals. The information contained in them is very detailed and the companions help make it both attainable and understandable. These crystals were of utmost importance to the Native American culture.

The last is a slightly different type in that they are almost always DT. They have keys, but these keys are sometimes quite tiny. The critical thing about these is the sides appear to be layered, similar to a lightbrary, but with no raised face termination. It's as if the ET crystals overgrew the main one. These come from the Andromeda peoples and these appear to be connected to crystals from Cassiopeia and the Pleiadian peoples, leading to the speculation that there may have been collaboration among the star peoples.

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