Trigonic Quartz

Metaphysical uses for Trigonic Quartz include:

  • Being a master stone to be used only when the user is ready.
  • Being helpful in "holding energy".
  • Helping stiff and swolen joints.
  • Unblocks emotional issues you didn't know you had.
  • Reminding us of who we really are and why we are.

    For a free Trigonic Quartz meditation journey by Judy Hall, go here.

Other names: None known.

Trigonic Quartz by Judy Hall

Having now facilitated four workshops at which the Trigonics were used and done a great deal of personal exploration, I had amassed a pile of information that still needs further sorting out in coherent sections but pass it on now for what it is worth and in the hope that other people will be able to add to our knowledge. It is clear that everyone who works with Trigonic has a very personal experience of the stone, and that different stones and their shapes facilitate different energy and information interchanges. Nevertheless, there are underlying parallels.

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Trigonic Connection by Janeann Dow

About an hour north of Santa Fe is the small community of Taos, nestled in the mountains and inhabited mostly by the post-hippy generation. Just as the highway enters town, there is a small crystal shop that is the best I have seen called Taos Gems and Minerals.Not only is it stylishly filled with stones and gems from all over the world, it is filled with the nicest people in the crystal business who call me periodically when something special comes into the shop. On one of my many journeys there, a new shipment of crystals arrived from Brazil and among them were crystals they called 'Trigonics'. I noticed an abundance of small triangles naturally etched in the quartz points and when I held one in my hand, there was an energy shift in my body. It was not an altering vibration of change, but more like one that sets a pattern into place. It was as if the Trigonic had a quality of a silent initiation about it.

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