Chakra Healing Sets

These sets are hand made by Robert Jackson, adviser to TAOMCHI -- The Association of Melody Crystal Healing Instructors. Each piece is loving created with a base of a very special healing quartz or mineral, topped with a domed cap of Metamorphosis Star Quartz. These are very limited production and done with immense love and respect for how the sets will be used to assist individuals with healing and growth. Each set comes in a nice wooded display case.

"Those sets are absolutely, positively awesome!!! I have used them myself, and on Reiki clients and they are the highest and finest quality ever!!!!! In my humble opinion, there are not any other sets that can even compare ... these are top-notch. Of course, I had to wait several weeks to get adjusted to the energy of the set before I could use it ... that's just how powerful just opening the box was!!! Those sets should be flying out your doors!!!! My set is similar to the #1 set you have listed, except it has a garnet is in place of the ruby for the 1st chakra. When I set the individual stones on a client, and then move my hands over the stones to do Reiki, I can actually FEEL the chakra spinning!!! These are verrrry powerful sets!!!" Cynthia Johnson, Reiki Teacher

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