Lawrence Stoller

Natural Quartz Polished by Crystal Sculpture/Artist Lawrence Stoller

These pieces can only be described as: Beautiful, Amazing, Magical, Art and Out of This world.

" The beauty of Nature inspires the heart to pursue the nature of beauty."

"My artistic career is dedicated to exploring Nature in the condensed raw primordial matter of gem crystals, one of the hardest substances on Earth. I am an adventurer by nature, having sailed between nations on a small wooden boat, and explored the Tibetan sheers of Mt. Everest. And I find gem crystal carving can be every bit as adventurous a sport. My perpetual search for magnificent stones spans every continent. I have traveled up jungle rivers, climbed mountain tops, descended into caves and crossed deserts looking for crystals. I have stretched the dimensions of gem cutting, pioneering tools and techniques that have led me to cut many of the worlds largest gem crystals. With these mineralogical treasures I take meticulous care to respect the marvelous symmetry nature has endowed, to reveal undisturbed scenery that formed millions of years ago. Thus preserving a living record of history's frozen light. I work in service of the crystals. My gem sculptures are held by bronze architecture incorporating lights to amplify the crystal's radiance. In addition I cut very specific geometric shapes used for electronic technologies by physicists, electrical engineers and physicians." Lawrence Stoller

Read more about Lawrence here. SPECIAL INFORMATION ABOUT THE SIBERIAN BLUE QUARTZ: This is the information supplied to us from our secret source: It was originally a natural quartz mined in the Ural mountains, shipped to a small village in Russia where, at a secret KGB laboratory, -- the inorganic chemistry facility, VNIIMS. The natural crystals were ground to dust, mixed with non-radioactive Cobalt, and regrown in 36 feet long autoclaves, whereupon it was cut into laser disks, which were used for a program to disable American spy satellites, and for nuclear torpedo triggers.

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