Crystal Wands Instruments of Consciousness by Lawrence Stoller

We are now working with Lawrence to create special healing wands exclusively for We will try to have on hand Isis based wands and when possible Dow healing wands. We feel that the quality of the healing wands from Lawrence Stoller is the very best we find anywhere. Lawrence treats the crystals with love, compassion and honors their innate nature when creating these amazing healing tools. While our Brazilian made Vogel wands have very exacting cuts, they are not honored as beings. We prefer the method that Lawrence uses. Following is an article explaining Lawrences' process of creating healing wands. On Crystal Wands Instruments of Consciousness by Lawrence Stoller The crystal wand holds an archetypical niche in the recesses of the human psyche. Over the past few decades, ancient lore has combined with the modern fascination of crystals. From technology, to mineral and art collectors, from healers to shamans and metaphysicians, crystal wands are used as tool and companion. Why? I first became fascinated with crystals in 1983 and have been working with (and cutting) crystals, almost on a daily basis. Thousands of crystals have passed through my hands and studio, allowing me to gain an understanding of the process of transforming a crystal from its rough dormant state, to being dynamic, energized and alive. I use them personally as tools for meditation, as art, for healing, for creating resonance in our home, reality creation, and for exploring mystery. Crystal wands can be experienced from different perspectives: In technology they are sliced into thin wafers, put in an autoclave dipped in a supersaturated solution, and with heat and pressure initiates (re)growth into synthetic crystals, which are then cut again into different configurations for technological applications. Quartz is an oscillator that amplifies, focuses, condenses, and moves energy as a function of its piezoelectric properties. For personal energy work crystals can be used as tools in a similar way as they are used in technology - to move energy. Because crystals are consciousness they can also be enjoyed as companions. Crystal lovers smile, because they experience a quality of beingness generated by an activated crystal. There are many conversations about the geometry of cutting crystals, topics include: maintaining the c-axis of the crystal, cutting them to specific angles to enhance their energetic flow, incorporating sacred geometries, etc. While crystals may look similar, each crystal has its own unique character. Is there one formula for cutting that suits all crystals? Of course not. This would rob the crystal of its individual character and diminish it ability to flow energy. When a crystal is cut specifically to align with its individual nature, you have a powerful tool and companion. As in technology, crystals for personal use are cut into many shapes and configurations and for various purposes. Form follows Function. Some crystals are happy to be cut into crystal balls. Some crystals have “skull energy” and want to express themselves in this form, some large crystals are cut up into smaller pieces, into wands or other shapes. While some crystals are very happy to be cut into crystal balls, not all are. Those who are sensitive to such things can tell immediately if a crystal is harmonically balanced (happy) with the way it is cut. Before cutting I make sure that I have the crystals permission to change its form (after millions of years). This respects the individual nature of the crystal. Often in the cutting process the crystal will suggest a change in shape. Forcing a crystal into a shape can be hard on the cutter as well as the crystal. Thus crystal cutting should be approached with a sense of flexibility, and being attuned to dynamic changes of the crystal. If the nature of the crystal is respected in the cutting process, the finished crystal will awaken, to become a wonderful friend and ally. If we were manufacturing hammers, we would see the hammer as (only) a tool, and manufacture each one from the same static mold. But crystals are a natural life form. And while a crystal can be used as a tool for healing, meditation or resonance work, it also has its own unique properties of beingness. And when cutting, I work with the crystal to respect this individuality. Thus I have found that after working with thousands of crystals, I have never cut 2 exactly the same. By listening to the crystal, I work with it to find it’s optimal form. And when a piece is finished and it is expressing its optimal form it is undeniably happy, palpably awake. When finished, if it isn’t resonating like a fine tuned instrument, I will often go back and re-tune it to enhance the energy. Quartz crystals grow with an extremely predictable structure. They are unlike any other earth mineral in that each crystal grows with 6 sides, and the natural side faces are always angled 60 degrees from one another. Nature has established an unbending physics in the growth of the quartz crystal lattice structure. Natural tip faces do vary slightly, within a range of a few degrees. A small percentage of crystals grow with a point on each end, or double terminated. These are commonly referred to as healing crystals, though any crystal can be used in the healing process. In a general sense, the tip of a crystal acts like the nozzle on a hose. With pressure the water comes through the hose, when it reaches the nozzle it is condensed tighter, creating more pressure. As you twist the nozzle it will create a tighter stream of water, or when loosened, it will create a broader spray. Same is true for a crystal. The sharper the tip angles, the more condensed the energy that comes from the tip. The only problem with very sharp tip angles on a crystal is that it can easily chip. And what is the actual perceivable difference in the flow of energy between a 26-degree and a 32-degree tip angle? Very few can make this distinction. I have found that in general, the tip angles of crystal wands are happiest when cut between 28 degrees and 32 degrees, as measured by a protractor, from the side face to the tip face. The bottom angles of a double terminated crystal are usually a bit more relaxed at 38 degrees, which is what the DNA blue print the natural crystal is. Note: The 51-degree angle often referenced for crystal wands is actually an awkward way of measuring the crystal, since it measures the bisected crystal and tip angle. This form of measurement is used so as to conform to the angle measurement of the Great Pyramids. But it is the same angle, using a different means of measurement. Using a common protractor, the angle from side face to tip face is 38 degrees, which again, is the natural growth angle of the crystal. It can be said that the Pyramids were designed from the natural geometry of the quartz crystal. Cutting a crystal is very challenging, and takes great care and precision to maintain the natural 60 degree angles that Nature intended. A majority of crystals that are cut have lost the accurate angle configurations in the cutting process because these angels were not respected. Crystal wands are commonly cut in 6, 8, or 12 sided shapes, and sometime more. Each different shape will create a different resonance in the way the energy moves through the crystal. I have found that (for the most part) after 12 sides there is no noticeable energetic difference in cutting more sides to a crystal. In the end, what is most important is how does the crystal feel, is it happy, does it sing, do you resonate with it? If in the cutting process the crystal is respected by precise adherence to the cutting of its angles and polish, and if the form of the crystal is aligned with the nature of the crystal, then you have a wonderfully tuned instrument, an activated crystal. Cared for, respected and used as an instrument to improve the quality of ones life, such a crystal can be a life long tool, companion and friend.

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