Spirit Jar

Native American traditions teach us that spirit is found in all things and all things are part of nature. Andm that our ancestors in the spirit world give us power. Feathers or beads, like the ones found on this vase were often used to enhance the protective spirit power of a special object.

Place this Spirit Jar in your home or work to serve you as a symbol to commune with your ancestors and their protective powers.

Each piece is hand formed and fired in an outdoor kiln to over 2000 degrees Fahrenheit. Molten hot, it is placed in a pit with dried brush and mesquite shavings that burst into flame. The varying conditions of the raku process assure that each piece is "one of a kind."

3.4" X 2.8"

Each piece is hand made and will be unique, slightly varying from the item pictured.

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Weight 149 grams

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