We try our best to offer the highest quartz healing crystals and minerals at reasonable prices. 95% of all of our inventory is individually hand chosen both for aesthetics and energetics. The owner of Exquisitecrystals.com is not only a crystal lover and healer, but a professional psychic as well. If a crystal has bad mojo (energy) it doesn't come home.


Here are a few of the wonderful comments we receive from our dear customers who quickly become dear friends whether they live across the state or across the world.


I just received my order of Shungite & Lemurian Seed Crystal today, and I couldn't be more pleased. The piece of Shungite is of the highest quality, and I should know, because I have been researching this stone for several years now. Most vendors sell the more dull-looking variety, which is still a nice stone, however, it doesn't compare to the glassy-looking variety that you offer on your website. It is a very energetically powerful stone. As an FYI - it is the glassy-variety that contains the much talked about fullerenes aka "Buckyballs," not the dull pieces (but, you may have already known that). The Lemurian Seed Crystal has a very nice, strong energy to it as well. High-quality pieces at very affordable prices = happy customer!


Thank you so much for always sending such fantastic gems! I am so thrilled every time I receive a package from you! Thank you for carrying a huge variety of stones at great prices. I especially love your reader's blend gem essence and all the auras quartz! I look forward to adding more items from your shop to my ever expanding collection in the future! Thank you again very very much! Namaste


You guys are amazing! You have such a wonderful selection and I appreciate the free gift of the vera cruz amethyst. It is a magical and powerful stone that I have enjoyed thoroughly. Thank you so much! Peace and love.


I have been very very happy with all of the items I have received from your store. The Bloodstone and Lapis are especially spectacular and energetic. Thank you for your efficiency and quality.


Thank you for providing my beautiful Moldavite necklace, I have worn it every day since I received. Your prompt and friendly service was beyond my expectations and much appreciated.


I cannot thank you enough for the beautiful, high-quality crystals that you sold me, that arrived with today's mail. I can tell your company has the highest quality standards in selecting crystals to sell to the public. I hope to deal with you again. Take care, and blessings to you and your company.


I just wanted to let you know I received my order, in Florida, in 2 days!! What a delight to go to work and find your parcel sitting on my desk, waiting for me. I savored the moment all morning, till my lunch break, before opening it. And what did I find? The most wonderful crystals, ever! Thank you for being so prompt, and for wrapping everything so carefully. Nothing was damaged. I couldn't have guessed the Russian Lemurian quartz could be even more beautiful, in person! The earrings are cut beautifully, also. I look forward to dealing with you again!


I received the awesome golden healer Lemurian wand yesterday. As always, it was securely packaged and arrived safely. When I unwrapped my "gift from the Gods" I was absolutely stunned. I felt myself feeling giddy and then my body started vibrating. It felt like "hello again" <s>.  This sweet crystal just glows and the gold has a brilliant, lustrous sheen. It is quite stunning and I am looking forward to unraveling its secrets. I have purchased other wonderful crystals and stones from you but this one gave me an enchanted moment that I'll hold in my heart forever. Thank you so much for sharing these unique precious crystals on your website. I feel so fortunate that I read your email and didn't waste any time in viewing the offerings to purchase. I knew in an instant which one was to be of my guardianship.


Dear John, Thank you so much for your outstanding service. You have been so fast at filling my orders. Unbelievable! how fast my order ships. The pieces are beautiful! Thank you for your exceptional care. It is so refreshing to have someone so dedicated to the needs of the customer. What a pleasure it is to do business with you.

Chicago, IL, USA

Greetings John, Thankyou for the last batch, the Tsvorite was wow and wow. What a beautiful powerful stone and the amythests are little gems of purple purity. The ouro verde is interesting. Thankyou always for exceptional service and longstanding good feelings across the airwaves. Much appreciated. Regards Mary-Lee P.S. the lemurian is a stellar little point, thanks


Hi John, and John Jr...

I received my order today... As usual, it arrived in a timely manner and well packaged.. It is always a pleasure to do business with you all. However , today.... When I opened the Lapis piece , I was .........DELIGHTED! , and AMAZED! at the beauty , style and size. It was much bigger than it appeared in the picture, and even more stunning!!!

The Palm sized Labradorite is for my 17 yr old son for Christmas , his first and most fav stone, he is now graduating to a larger piece....and it , also, was stunning... For lack of a better word. As I stated before, everything I have gotten from you has been great, but these were exceptional, and I just had to write and tell you.

Many have said not to order w/o seeing or feeling, but either I am gifted by sight or lucky to have found you !


Thanks John! Love the new site design. Quite simply the best crystal shop on the web!

Massachusetts, USA

Hello, I just wanted to let you know that I consider myself very fortunate to have stumbled upon your website at the beginning of my crystal collecting venture. I've been perusing some of the competition on the web, and I'm pretty impressed with how reasonably priced and high quality your products are in comparison. I've been very pleased with all of my purchases thus far.

Thank you!
~Lauren, NYC

John is a blessing to my life. Not only does Exquisite crystals carry the most beautiful, most powerful, most precious, most rare crystal varieties I have ever had the fortune of using, but it is run by someone who clearly loves what he is doing, who clearly knows his area of expertise through both intuition and knowledge, and also is gracious enough to spend time with each of his clients making sure they get exactly what they need! What a combination! What a blessing!

Thank you so much John for giving me the tools to bring such unexpected beauty into my life.

Yvette, NYC

Hi John-

I was traveling this weekend and wore the yellow citrine on the fine round brown leather cord I prefer for several of the Stoller pieces. Everywhere I went, people wanted to know about it. I began to think the woman at the counter of Fire & Ice, a nice jewelry store at BWI airport where I was spending a bit of time between flights, was going to mug me for my citrine if I turned my back! So I told her where I got it, and she wrote it down.

I always get compliments on those pieces, even from people who know nothing about crystals and such, but this was really exceptional, And everybody seems to like them on the leather cords, no setting or metal to compete with the beauty of the stone.

I have just got home and haven't yet opened the box to see the red citrine.

I just wanted you to know about all the compliments and that I did my best to send some business your way.

Blessed be your Thanksgiving-

But honestly, your site is by far the best, both in selection and price. And the quality of all the bigger pieces we have gotten from you is outstanding. We just love our moontemple! I am very glad to have found such a wonderful source for the crystals we all love so much.


I get almost all of my crystals from your website because your quality is sensational. It is obvious how much care goes into selecting each and every crystal. I also greatly appreciate your continual e-mail updates. Without those, I wouldn't know when new crystals are up on the site and would miss out on some extraordinary finds. I'm so happy to know your son is joining the business and is having fun too. Things just keep getting better and better.

Thank you again,

I asked my guides to lead me to a person who loved his work with crystals, and that the person worked with this to help people in love and light and to offer good energetic crystals. I was searching for a while and then at last it appears to me, and I knew it was what I have been looking for. Thank you John for doing this work with love and light.


Dear John Van Rees,

Your Casa crystals is very beautiful!
Thank you for a wonderful stones!

And, Thank you very much for your awesome gifts.
it was a nice surprise!:))))))
I can't thank you enough for the beautiful gift.:'-D
I am very very very glad!!!:-)
Always thank you!!!!

The stones which I purchased from you is my treasure.
Thank you for your concern!:)
Thanks ! Thanks! Thanks!:))))))))
Thanks a million!:))))))))

I salute to west!

Sincerely yours,
RIKA (In Japan)


Thank you for choosing the beautiful crystals I now have in my home. I recently moved and am doing everything I can to create a beautiful, safe, and healing environment in my new space. And I'm hoping that the pair of amethest flower crystals in the southern section of my work space will help me realize my dreams and deepen my meditations.

I also love the necklace with the Magician stone and quartz. It looks beautiful around my neck and feels so good to wear.

I'm so grateful for the night I came upon your site. Thank you for doing what you do.


Dear John,

Thank you for the stones!! The singing laser is really wonderful. I can really ground myself with it. I am an opera singer and I have also felt the throat chakra really open too when I meditate with it. All the stones I have purchased from your web site are really wonderful. I love the rose quartz elestial very much - it has helped me to clean, transform and open my chakras.

Thank you again,
München, Germany


Thanks for the e-mail. Yes, I do love the Aura Quartz! I received the Flame Auras today that you sent at the beginning of the week--they are EXCEPTIONAL quality just like the Opal Auras you have sent me. This evening I have ordered some more Opal Aura and Stichtite (the other Stichtite I received from you was great also). Every thing I have ordered from you has been great and I am especially pleased with the Alexandrite Matrix Sphere. It has been a pleasure to shop your website!! Thanks for the excellent packaging and prompt shipping--yours has been the best I have had!

Dan , USA

Hi John!

Hope your move went well! Just a note of thanks for the beautiful Dioptase... loved the care with which it was wrapped and the Kundalini crystal... still figuring the energy out on this one, lol. Keeping both within a Genesa 'crystal' for charging and enhancing their properties.

Wondered if you would find anymore smaller dioptase, as I'm in love with it, and would like to gift a friend or two.

You have great love for your trade, and the quality and care is evident. I'll be checking on those amethyst clusters (if there's any left, lol).

United States

Hi John

Arrived yesterday and fantastic - I've never seen a super seven and can't find it in my books but what a crystal! It just seemed to beam even as I was unpacking it.

The Tangerine quartz is gorgeous and thank you very very much for the gifts, they're really lovely and are sitting very beautifully together on the side. Thank you also for the tanzanite - yesterday I had a crystal treatment where for the first time I'd had Tanzanite used on my third eye! - And then you sent me some (boy is it powerful stuff!!!)

What can I say about the Rose Quartz because they're all so beautiful and I hate to admit it but I want to keep them all!!

Anyway, thank you for supplying them all.

From England

Hi, John!

Thank you for the Goji info--it appeared with your usual exquisite timing & I'm almost certainly going to be ordering some.

On another topic entirely, while I was updating my Will the other day, it occurred to me that not many people would be able to look at the little bowl of phencite crystals that are in my healing room and understand that they're worth almost a thousand dollars, or to look through the rest of my private collection and really understand its value, much less have any idea where such items could be sold. There are also very few people I would trust to deal honorably with my family should something happen to me, and I began to wonder whether I should leave the name & address of someone who could be trusted to liquidate my collection, in the event that the Universe abruptly requires my presence elsewhere.

I know we've only met via crystal sales & such, but when I began to wonder who would fit that description, you came instantly to mind. Would you mind if I included your name & contact information in my Will for this purpose? With any luck it'll never need to be used, but I'd feel better knowing that my niece wouldn't end up selling my gorgeous Ajoite crystal at a garage sale for $2 when its market price could buy her a new microwave oven.

Let me know what you think? Thanks much!

From Illinois


I just wanted to drop an email and thank you for the speedy delivery of my recent purchase of two casa crystals. i gave one to a close friend who last week lost her 19 year old niece in a horrible car accident. so i am glad they came quickly and i appreciate your fast service. thanks also for the shiva lingham gift ...its funny i have been looking at them for awhile but never quite found the right one, the one you sent is wonderful!

From the United States

Dear John,

Thank You! I received the Ajoite yesterday WOW! I simply cannot find enough words to describe it. It is wonderful! The smokey quartz is also truly wonderful as well, Thank You! again. Please send me email of the carved pieces of Kuan Yin and of the clear quartz. I can hardly wait to see them.

I feel somewhat like a small child, surrounded by pure delight. Thank You for making this possible.

With Kind Regards,
From Northern California


Got it today. Thank you for the gift of Kyanite. The Lithium Quartz is beautiful. As always, I am very pleased:-)

Thank you again.
From Hawaii,

Hi John...

My crystals arrived and they are beautiful and just what I wanted. Thank you for the Tangerine crystal too, she is beautiful.

They are all outside right now, we have a good thunder and lightning storm going on and I know they will be pleased sitting in the rain.

Are the Ouro Verde's heat treated to get that beautiful color, if so I won't leave them in the sun for long when it comes out again.

The Golden Healer is more than I could have ever imagined......so beautiful and the druzy is outstanding.

I'm sure you have heard this story before, but to let you know how please I am I will tell you again. I have purchased some crystals thru sellers on e-bay and have been very disappointed with what I have received, maybe I'm to picky, but I want what is shown and have wondered how these sellers can honestly get away with some of the stuff they send. Yours are exactly like the picture shows them, I could have just reached into the screen and picked them up.

Needless to say you will be getting all my business from now on.

Again, thank you for finding these beautiful crystals and sharing them with me.....they will be loved.

Warmest regards,

Southern California, United States

Hi John!

I just received my third order from you and I am writing to tell you how happy I am with your crystals!

They are perfection and reasonably priced! I live within 4 miles of a crystal and gem shop which has an extensive collection but thus far, your stones are my favorites!

Just wanted to say thanks and keep up the good work! Also, your website is easy to use and shipping is fast! I ordered Wednesay and received my items today - Friday. Thanks again!

Love and light,
New Jersey, United States

I have been bonding with ms. ajoite. had a wondrful meditation with her this morning. holding her to a flame or the sun, i can see the inner phantom. getting to know her markings and what her energies are. that place that forms a 'V' on her body is like a vortex for receiving the spirit blue. as the outer and inner points rise me up, i come to meet and merge with the spirit blue as it is descending into my receiving.

and so... i shall ponder ordering a golden healer one day. and when i do... it will not come u.p.s. this time!

be well. live well. and thank you for all your efforts in getting this precious being to me.