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At Exquisite Crystals, we understand that more and more, metaphysical crystal practitioners are looking for ways to sustainably shop ethically sourced crystals. Not only do our crystals pass the test of being responsibly resourced, but they are also helping us make a positive difference in the world. We strive to provide products that have been vetted with both ethical sourcing and sustainability practices at their core – so you can feel confident in your inclusion of this energy into your practice without worrying about its origin or implications. Today’s blog post is going to dive deeper into how Exquisite Crystals is doing more than just selling ethically sourced crystals – supporting people and the planet through various initiatives worldwide. We hope that learning about our commitment to helping people and protecting Planet Earth will inspire other individuals connected to these spiritual realms in shopping sustainably and to join us on our mission towards conscious consumerism practices.

At Exquisite Crystals, our mission is not just about providing high-quality crystals for our customers. It's about giving back to the planet and the people around them. Our team believes that working with crystals can bring a new level of awareness and healing to individuals and the environment. We take pride in thoughtfully sourcing ethically mined crystals and supporting fair trade practices. Plus, we donate 1% of our total sales to environmental causes. With Exquisite Crystals, you can trust that you are not only receiving exquisite products but are also making a positive impact on the world.

We take immense pride in ensuring that our crystals are ethically sourced. We have established long-standing relationships with multi-generational family businesses and sole proprietorships that share our values. We purchase many stones directly from the miners themselves to have the greatest visibility into their practices. It's important to us that we know exactly where our minerals come from and that the source aligns with our ethical standards. Since our establishment in 1999, we have continued to refine our relationships with vendors to ensure we're making the best decisions for our company and for our customers who trust us to provide ethically sourced crystals.

Exquisite Crystals takes our mission of giving back to the planet and its people very seriously. Our Climate Neutral Certification is a tangible reflection of our actions to reduce our carbon footprint and support climate change solutions. For three consecutive years, we have measured our annual emissions and offset them through investments, such as the Unitor REDD+ Project, which protects forests in one of the regions with the highest deforestation rates in the Amazon Biome. Through this initiative, Exquisite Crystals joined others to reduce over 500,000 tCO₂ in emissions and support the local communities by training them in sustainable forest management, fire safety, health, hygiene, and more. In addition, Exquisite Crystals has pledged to fund the planting of one tree for each item sold on its site with the Eden Reforestation Project, further promoting reforestation efforts and community development worldwide.

Exquisite Crystals has quickly become one of the leading ethical crystal suppliers in the U.S. for a reason: our mission to help people and the planet is unmatched. From ethically sourcing their crystals from like-minded suppliers that have similar values to giving back to communities around the world, we're making a real impact on people's lives and environments. And with a broader focus on sustainability, we're doing more than just selling crystals; we're providing people with hope and opportunity - through education and employment - and protecting our planet's resources for generations to come.

Shop these impactful crystals today and spread some sparkle while making a difference.

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