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Having now facilitated four workshops at which the Trigonics were used and done a great deal of personal exploration, I had amassed a pile of information that still needs further sorting out in coherent sections but pass it on now for what it is worth and in the hope that other people will be able to add to our knowledge. It is clear that everyone who works with Trigonic has a very personal experience of the stone, and that different stones and their shapes facilitate different energy and information interchanges. Nevertheless, there are underlying parallels.

I can only echo Jane Anne Dow’s feeling on first holding this quartz that it is an initiatory stone of connection to higher consciousness that ‘sets’ a newly emerging/awakening spiritual pattern in place and which brings about a profound – and continuous – connection to that higher consciousness. (I didn’t feel that it initiated a new pattern, other stones had done that but it did settle it in.) It fits in with the concept of the holographic soul in which the soul is a hologram, part of an overall holograph which is consciousness. The overall holograph holds all potentiality and the individual hologram can link into this and trigger a ‘new’ level of awareness and integration, a task which is facilitated by holding Trigonic Quartz (see The Book of Why, due out soon, for a further explanation of the holographic soul).

Before I first worked with the Trigonic, I had been working with Rainbow Quartz, Nirvana, Satyaloka, Satyamani and other high vibration stones to open the chakras above the head, especially the soul star and stellar gateway and the Trigonic immediately took me to the place where I had left off and carried me up to what I could best describe as unity consciousness. I was part of, and aware of, All That Is (which included vast interstellar and inter-dimensional states of being), and yet despite being merged with that consciousness, I retained my own personal awareness through a connection to what I personally call my Higher Self (this may be Jane Dow’s ‘Oversoul’). I would say that the stone took me home. This is the holograph, a ‘place/state/vibration’ with which I am very familiar and yet my connection and immersion was different through using the Trigonic. Normally although I would still be aware that the higher consciousness plane was there, I would not be so strongly plugged in as I am since holding the stone.

‘It will be as it will be and what is, is perfect’ is what the stone initially said to me. ‘I bring you light’ was said later.

From the moment I first held them, my question was ‘is this stone fully natural, has it been grown, amended, tampered with? The stone feels like frozen foam and I, and others, wondered if the triangles had been artificially etched in any way. The stone simply did not feel like a ‘normal’ crystal although it was very much alive. This question was answered some months later by the crystal beings themselves in Walter Bruneel’s channelling (see below). The Trigonics told us that they were formed from a kind of plasma that solidified and in which much information was encoded that would be released when the time was right. By our paying attention to them, they were solidifying further and coming more strongly into being.

Many people felt that the stone had a sense of humour and a playfulness about it. Having worked with the Trigonics for six months now I have established that Trigonic Quartz has more than a touch of the trickster energy to it - acting a bit like Coyote in the medicine wheel! It makes you stay with what is, be in the moment, go with the flow, whatever you want to call it. It certainly teaches that you cannot rely on consensus reality or what appears to be going to happen in even the near future - and it most definitely has its own idea about who it is going to work with and draws the most appropriate group together.

Trigonic has a very powerful connection with water, having condensed into a crystal from a plasmic energy bubble. They are psychotronic. It is like a supercomputer based on water molecules with all the crystals communicating together. They are transceivers, transmitting and receiving, and create a feedback system that goes to all souls in the group (human and crystal). Trigonics are strongly connected to the cosmic tides and to the earth’s poles and earth currents. They link to the pressure of the ice ages that compressed them into more solid form. Trigonic energy can flow through the body in waves and will be experienced at different temperatures according to the body type.

The stones requested that an essence be made – preferably in a deep toned metal Tibetan bowl or a low toned crystal bowl - and placed in all the earth’s oceans, rivers (especially at their source) and lakes. This would open hearts and minds and, through humans eventually drinking the water, it would ‘dissolve the DNA coding for war’. Many bottles of the essence have now been sent around the world – both actually and in thought which the stones told us would be as powerful as putting the actual essence into the water.

It is clear that you have to be absolutely ready to work with this stone, having cleansed the 'ordinary' chakras, letting go of any emotional blockages, and having carefully done your work with other high vibration crystals to clear and open the higher chakras as a preparation. There are no short cuts. If you are carrying anything toxic, Trigonic detoxes you - fast! It's a bit like going up a ladder to higher consciousness taking awareness of your body and the earth with you but the body has to be resonating at its highest frequency and anything that is getting in the way is removed.

The stones are themselves opening up extremely fast – taking on substance is how they described it and they certainly feel much heavier with each workshop and working. Having ventured out to see if the time is right, and having been welcomed, they are now desperately anxious to get to work. The front rank as it were have surfaced and sent information back to the others who are monitoring the situation. Although they can do a great deal on their own account, they need compatible and harmonious human consciousness to facilitate their work. They informed us on day 1 that if our attitude to their information was respectful, then more information would be forthcoming. They also described themselves as ‘devices that make remembrance of parallel realities possible’.

Initially, it took people a day and a half to be ready to work with the Trigonic - we gradually cleansed, opened up and accessed multi-dimensions within ourselves and the universe and, even then, one of the most experienced crystal workers was unable to work with the stone as he was told to undertake a much longer journey with the preceding crystal first. But now even people who have done little crystal work only need a chakra cleanse and rebalance, then opening with higher vibration stones – if they are ready to fully commit to the work (again, I’d reiterate, these stones aren’t a short cut). This opening up takes a morning or less. The Trigonics say that this is because the work they have come to do is urgent – helping to control the oil spill, for instance, and transmuting that potentially ‘destructive’ energy into beneficial energy for the planet couldn’t wait.

The crystals – and their information - come from a race who had great dignity and who treated everyone equally, communicating at a very high level. There is a powerful Orion and Pleidian connection but the crystal oversoul came from beyond our universe, becoming trapped way back in time. They were ‘lightly clothed in skin’ being more like energy beings. They, in the crystal form they have now taken, respond to sound but not high notes like tingshas, deep toned metal bowls or drums are appropriate and they will adapt to an individual’s frequency.

With this crystal, you can experience where you've come from, being in oneness and the Light and yet remain aware of your individuality. The crystal’s oversoul communicated that its proper name is Ogrine or Orgrine and was important for the present time as it helped to find your origins. It was experienced by many people as a vortex with pulsating triangles of light spiraling down into a pathway that led to the heart, and filling body and soul with compassionate love for what everyone and the earth is going through.

Other qualities noted:

Trigonic transcends boundaries and limitations when you are ready - a stone of initiation. Extremely useful for interstellar travel.

It is helpful for holding intent and sending distant healing.

It has a strong higher heart connection and links the upper and lower shamanic realms, making it an excellent journeying stone. (I would advise first putting in place both a shamanic anchor into the core of the earth from the base chakras and a cosmic anchor into the centre of the galaxy from the crown and soma chakras as this provides a reliable method of return to the physical body from whatever dimension you travel to.)

These stones attract and repel and will say ‘enough now’ when appropriate.

Helps stiff and swollen joints – letting go the underlying causes.

Balances central core, creates calm centredness around which everything else rushes and flows.

Useful for unblocking emotions and issues you don’t realize you have.

Some of the crystals had a very potent but gentle masculine energy that help you to give yourself love.

Trigonic quartz reminds you who you are and what you need.


When used in grids, specific and correct alignment is crucial - even a half inch off and it doesn't work properly and can cause pain and pressure. A Trigonic should not be pointed directly at the head and should be at least a foot away from the top of the head, slanting upwards so that the energy passes over the head. We initially needed two other high vibration crystals (we used the Rainbow Quartz) on either side of the body level with the higher heart chakra to form an equilateral triangle. This created a triangular multi-dimensional light portal that needed a (very!) large Smoky Elestial at the feet to keep it anchored. It was crucial to check that the stones were prepared to work together and that they were precisely aligned as otherwise considerable discomfort was felt.

At the first workshop it was felt that at another time it would be useful to explore the effect of other high dimension crystals either added to the higher chakras or replacing the Rainbow Quartz – there wasn’t time then and it seems to be part of the right timing associated with the stone. I guessed that would be a workshop in its own right, which proved to be the case and the Trigonics worked exceptionally well combined with Azeztulite, Ajoite, Nirvana Quartz and other high vibration stones in the grids as appropriate for each person. Mohawkite proved to be very useful for anchoring the grid at the feet.

Soul contracts

I took a Trigonic to London for a 'dissolving soul contracts' workshop (not a crystal workshop). I used a Trigonic that had a base and would stand with the point upwards - useful for group work. The reason I took that particular one to London was that it kept telling me it connected to the original pool of soul essence and could help people recognise soul overlays and renegotiate their soul contracts, and attune to their soul purpose. It helped with reading the Akashic record. A women - who had arrived at the workshop by the most serendipitous of synchronicities - said I should take a look at the Lucis Trust work as they were working with triangles all the time. They are carrying on the work of Alice Bailey. See [I see from a quick search on the web that the Lucis Trust have quickly become conflated in ignorant minds with Lucifer (who was the light bearing angel) and then with Satan and all that is evil. But this is most certainly ill-informed.] In the London meetings these triangles are being used for very deep soul work to bring peace of humankind. A man talked in the group about natural energy triangles within the body but unfortunately I didn't get a chance to find out more from him but this would be worth following up.

Calling back soul fragments

A soul can fragment, leave bits of itself in other lives and dimensions, split and recombine and all sorts of occurrences that we simply cant envisage down in the dense vibration of earth, especially as we are used to regarding the soul as ‘all of a piece’ (see The Book of Why? due out soon). The Trigonics can assist with the reintegration process if a soul has been fragmented before or after incarnation (this is particularly useful for souls who have a history of violent death in war or childhood trauma). They work well in this context when placed on a birthchart with a Brandenberg on a photograph of the person to convey the soul fragments home. The Trigonic pulls back, heals and purifies the soul fragments and the Brandenberg helps to reintegrate them into the incarnated soul – the crystals having first been dedicated to work for the soul in the best, highest and most appropriate way possible.

This ‘calling back the soul fragments’ can be done directly by the fragmented person holding the Trigonic in the right hand and the Brandenberg in the left but most fragmented souls are not in a position to ask for this kind of help and need the intermediary assistance of the birthchart and the crystals - provided that the work is done after asking that it be for the highest good and if appropriate. [Note: if childhood abuse has been present a combination of Morganite and Azeztulite on the chart or on the base chakras can also assist the process as it facilitates insights, forgiveness and healing.]

Trigonic Quartz and the oil spill

Email sent to John at Exquisite Crystals with regard to the Gulf Oil Spill.

The Trigonic Quartz has expressed a wish to assist with the oil spillage. The flow could, apparently, be turned back on itself as you do in martial arts when using an opponent's energy to flip them over. I had hoped that the 'heavy mud' would assist with this process but apparently it is not enough. Is it possible to ask everyone who has a Trigonic to dedicate their stone to the task of healing this gash in the earth and stem the bleeding for the highest good of the planet? (And for you to do the same of course and possibly to place yours in a grid to assist). When we were working with the Trigonics we found that a ruby red ray for physical healing, emerald green for changing beliefs and thoughts and a blue ray for spiritual healing were required and so used Ruby (had I been at home I'd have used my Orange River Quartz red sceptre), green Dioptase and Celestite and various other crystals (it was a large grid that grew spontaneously!). We also visualised the oil that had already flowed was turning gold and harmonising the earth's etheric grid to assist the pole shift settling into its new alignment. Herkimer Diamonds, especially those with golden oil bubbles, supported the work when placed around the Trigonic but would lend their support even if people dont have a Trigonic but do have a Herkimer. The grid was very powerful and best placed where it wont be disturbed or disturb other people. Somewhere outside the living space would be best. When the work is over, the grid also needs talking down carefully and closing at an etheric level as well as removing the stones - I found Petaltone Zl4 essence the best for this.

Let's combine our minds and our healing power to this important work instead of apportioning blame - I found what you said about changing your attitude a useful reminder that we do create our world with our thoughts. And of course with our greed for oil. The earth mother has certainly shown us that we cannot remain indifferent any longer - and perhaps this is a good moment to remind ourselves that ethically mined crystals taken with due care and consideration for the environment can help heal our planet and ourselves but wholesale destruction to pull them out is not an option.

Background: when at a workshop in Cardiff, we had to change venue due to an overpowering smell of oil from the (newly serviced) boiler. This followed my having a problem with the fuel cap on my car on the way to the workshop. Signals from the universe that work was needed. When we took the Rainbow Quartz journey to take the light of the sun to the heart of mother earth, several members of the group then zoomed off to the Gulf to help contain the oil spill. So as soon as we’d changed venue, we did a layout and visualisation to assist with stopping the oil spill. Initially the hole was plugged with a large Trigonic around which were huge Herkimer Diamonds. Lightning and electricity flashed all around and turned the spilled oil to Herkimers. The Herkimers then went to all the places where the oil had spilled and turned it to golden oil which would lubricate the earth’s grid and help it adjust to the pole shift. Wales and dolphins brought healing water from the place just off the coast of Brazil where five ocean currents meet, and Brandenbergs brought the syncrotic earth energy from their source in Africa.

This work was repeated the following week when I was in Devon with Liz Rowe French. This was when the Trigonics told us to use the coloured rays to assist.

When I returned home, I remantled (if there is such a word) the grid on my dining room table using a big Trigonic, a large Dioptase on White Calcite, the Orange River red sceptre, golden Herkimers and various other stones including Ruby with Zoisite to heal the earth’s grief – as with the first grid it grew organically and now has Himalayan growth interference and Nirvana Quartzes as well. The latest news is the oil is being captured but the feeling from the Trigonics is that the ‘clearing up’ and transmutation process still needs assistance so the grid is staying in place for the time being.]

Walter Bruneel’s Trigonic Crystal Oversoul Channelling

At Judy Hall’s home

27th March 2010

Copyright: Walter Bruneel.

Part of our civilisation started out being remnants of the several races that had to do with the battles of what is called ‘The Electric Wars’. This had to do with the Universe, ultimate reality. The Electric Wars had to do a lot with what you now call the battle between Good and Evil, and has been at the base of what is later the reality of polarities that you would now call Lucifarian or Ariamanic. Our civilisation has sought refuge on your planet and has co-started with other streams of consciousness, the basic civilisation that has been developing into what you would now call Lemurian, on Lemuria and on Atlantis and other ones that you have no names for. [millennia ago]

Now, the Thule you are referring to [the group had been discussing the Thule civilisation], is not the one that has been described by your chronicle writers. The Thule civilisation we are referring to is one that is on a very pure and etheric base settled in parts of the planet that are now the south poles. A small part of the civilisation would be still alive under what you would now call the Gobi Desert. There is a connection to subterranean levels, which you in your terms would call Gaia, but they are not the true descendants of the civilisation.

The one that is connected to this type of crystal, to this kind of material - I have some information - it’s more connected to the extraterrestrial race that originated it.

We will expand on the effect of The Electric Wars. They had to do with the race that was very committed to making any other technologically less evolved race, slaves or subservient At the other hand there was a whole organisation of civilisations that were very much committed to the spiritual cosmic laws and freedom.

All of this was part of one of 3 big grand experiments by Source itself, to develop a Universe which would deal with polarity. In the second case, it ended in disaster. In the first case as well. We are part of the aftermath of the second experiment. Some of us were able to make the leap into what you would call another dimensional reality, which is on the one hand, in the material Earth, but on the other hand in which you would consider a higher overtone. So to speak, the sites are in your reality, we are still there, we are still accessible.

The externalisation of those crystals that you are now considering, has to do with the re-emerging of technological, and in your terms psychotropic possibilities, which can be used for the better of the whole consciousness of the whole planet, and for the healing and integration of a bigger Universe than you can possibly consider or even imagine feasible.

There is a lot of repetition in your history and there will be protagonists, important souls, like all souls are important, returning to correct some of the things that have been done in previous times. We don’t want to elaborate on the fact of reincarnation which is only a part of the reality we are talking about. The healing that will happen, has its extent into the future as well as the present and the past. So the crystals are kind of awakeners or devices that make remembrance possible for those of you who have had experiences in parallel realities or other dimensions in this reality.

What was the cause of this emigration to this planet? The search for Freedom. We had a Cosmic Contract, a cosmic agreement which the consciousness that you would create, that you would consider the Creative Gods, that he might add to it, might make it more rich, a combination. It is like you would have a contract to accomplish a certain detail, a certain piece of art, and suddenly you get to know a new medium, which makes it possible to get an even better result. At the same time it was beneficial for both parties, we could find a safe harbour. At the same time you would develop a consciousness a bit further, a stretch further than was originally intended.

Now, this was also an experiment, although everything happens within the course of Source, nothing is written in stone and eventually everything will develop within the course of Source but there are lots of, myriads of timelines and possible realities. If we would have to explain the Solar Systems or the Galaxies we create from, it would be of no avail to your knowledge because they are far beyond this system. Even talking about dimensional realities, which are not fit to be taught in the left-brain kind of reasoning or thinking, the best comparison we can give you is that if you have a finite structure of cubes constructed in your reality we would come out of the structure that would be totally based on curves.

This consciousness can accept questions now.

Jacqui: We have discussed this afternoon, how the information came into the individual crystals, could you enlighten us on that?

Reply: It would be a very simple matter of mind methering where just the imprint got materialised within the form of matter that you would consider plasm, plasma or plasmic. Then through the ages and through a series of cosmic guides it got solidified into matter. When it started out as this big puddle of energy rather making the step quickly between energy and matter without any type of crystallisation as you know it. It was like, condensed into being, into materiality, without some of the necessary in-between steps that you normally have. There is a reference to that, that you have in your mineral kingdom that is called Zincite. You could consider it more or less the same process.

Jacqui: We have all felt a sort of a watery consciousness - is this correct?

Reply: The watery consciousness you are referring to has to do with the chemical element of water. At the same time there is also a thing that you would call a Supercomputer which is based on water molecules and which was one of the technologies which we were using and in which information was stored. Within the distance of 3 axis along a water molecule without having need of any kind of physical stock, component or heart that you normally would use. Now your technology is piggy-backing this kind of thing and is getting back to this state of information recording.

Jacqui: How could we best use these crystals? By meditating with them, how are they likely to affect us, by working with them?

Reply: All of them are making a maze or making a connection between each one of them, there is a communication going on. As well as sending back and forth the information it send and receives, all of them are transceivers, they transmit and they receive. Just as well that with the people that will be, the souls that will be, attracted to them are their soul groups. All of them will get this feedback system going. The information of the crystals will be going to the person and the information of the person will be going back to all the crystals in their original soul group and interstellar group that will be acting with it. Now some of us would be considered to be ‘in your space’ and by this I mean in your inter-dimensional space, like Vega, Lyra, the Pleiadians and even far beyond that. There is a strong station as well in Orion, and Orion was known to be on the opposing side of the Electric Wars, but not all of it. Same with the Pleiadians. A lot of old wars will be dissolved, resolved. The crystals will be activating a kind of new vibration which will dissipate some of the very, very old energies that are based on this planet which are a faint resonance of the Electric Wars. But the memory of the Electric Wars is very important within the human race. It has been embedded in it and it is ready to be released.

Jacqui: Would it be beneficial to make an essence of these crystals?

Reply: Absolutely.

Jacqui: How could this be used - as a spray, or to be taken internally?

Reply: It can be used in different ways. One of the possibilities can be to just release it into the open air and allow it to contact any type of water or big body of water that is on the planet. A drop of water can connect to the crystal, it can inherit its information, then you allow this drop of water to be released within bodies of water like oceans, rivers. This is already quite a physical way of doing things, you can also just allow your mind to do this, we would encourage you to allow the water molecules of the planet just by focusing on it, to absorb and release further information that is based in the crystals. You are the decoders, the souls that are working with it will be releasing the information and by this means, allowing it to be dissipated into the water accessing the other minds and other souls also on the planet. I repeat you are the decoders.

Jacqui: So, would this be beneficial to the sea?

Reply: It will be beneficial to the entire planet and evolution of the galaxy.

Jacqui: One personal thing, could you put into the consciousness of the channel a vision of…

Reply: Consider it done!

Jacqui: Thank you very much for coming through, thank you for channelling this to us.

(Note from transcriber: Can’t quite get the name/ planet or race.) -

This was Sky-hai e ? of Nevemitica? My phonetic note was Kahie).

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