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All About Auralite 23

The “Auralite 23” crystals bring forth a reminder of the positive connections from the self to other beings. to paths and ways of life, and to places that bring inner peace and serenity.

“Auralite 23” connects to its keeper like a twin spirit. This stone teaches that “All is as One”, reminding of how alike one-another are to each other despite outer differences.

This is a stone that reads into its keepers’ spirit, searching and highlighting that which could be improved, and that which can benefit from healing or clearance. “Auralite 23” will then give support and help to light the way to sources that can be of benefit once it has completed its search.

This is a stone that opens the mind and the spirit of the being enough to recognize connections to the inner self, and to outer life, which are worthy of exploration and strengthening.

“Auralite 23” teaches of the many benefits of recognizing places of peace and serenity, and then integrating those places into daily life. Alongside this, “Auralite 23” removes the “ticking clock”, replacing it with space to breathe and relax bringing opportunity for inner solitude.

Also “Auralite 23” helps to remove feelings of burden and stress. It is a stone that envelopes the being with an air of calm and brings gentle waves of soothing energy.

Where there are feelings of low emotion and depression, “Auralite 23” can help to lift away the energies that follow such feelings. This is also a stone that can help ease, and even put a stop to sleep disorders that are closely related to insomnia or where it is insomnia alone with no known causes.

This tone teaches the law of attraction. “Auralite 23” throws light on what is beneficial to the being, giving the chance of many positive opportunities. It is a tone that removes and wards away negativity, replacing it with positivism.

You can see our “Auralite 23” here.

The average “Auralite 23” contains at least 17 of the following minerals:

  1. Titanite
  2. Cacoxenite
  3. Lepidocrosite
  4. Ajoite
  5. Hematite
  6. Magnetite
  7. Pyrite
  8. Geothite
  9. Pyrolusite
  10. Gold
  11. Silver
  12. Platinum
  13. Nickel
  14. Copper
  15. Iron
  16. Limonite
  17. Sphalerite
  18. Covelite
  19. Chalcopyrite
  20. Gialite
  21. Epidote
  22. Bornite
  23. Rutile
  24. Amethyst

Auralite 23 Location

Canada’s sacred “Cave of Wonders” remotely nestled far north of Lake Superior within the Boreal Forest of the Canadian Shield.

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